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Online Community Manager Location: New Haven, CT http://seeclickfix.com

SeeClickFix uses the power of public and distributed communication via the web to bring citizens closer to their local government and each other. Through partnerships with local media, governments and social user features SeeClickFix has spread all over the United States and is starting to spread internationally. The SeeClickFix platform reaches millions of eyeballs each month and consists of content contributed by hundreds of thousands of users...and the party is just getting started.

As a community manager you will be tasked with cultivating and fostering a strong online community that is respectful to one another and works collectively at a local level to improve their communities off-line. Moderating and guiding local communities online to make a real difference in their community offline will be your main focus at SeeClickFix.

This position is for full-time employment, on-site at our office in downtown New Haven, CT.

What We're Looking For

The right person for the job will be patient and optimistic and know how to translate that ethic into written and verbal form. A strong community manager will be able to turn an upset user into a user for life. While you don't have to have worked at a start-up previously you need to be prepared to work at a start-up. What does this mean? Start-up culture and SeeClickFix culture is one of dedication to the community over everything else. You must be prepared to carry weight for others and take on tasks outside of your typical responsibilities when needed. You need to be ready to be as important to the organization as the founders. SeeClickFix's hierarchy is flat and everyone in the office is an equal decision maker. Community managers are involved in conversations about features and have a vote on matters related to the platform.
Most importantly we want you be really really ridiculously smart and fun. We also really want you to care about civic engagement and stronger neighborhoods.

The ideal community manager will have:
• Really Really Ridiculously good written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to tackle small sometimes redundant tasks quickly and painlessly
• A strong like for twitter and other social media but not the kind of love affair where you think it's the answer to everything.
• A strong like for SeeClickFix to the extent that you think it's the answer for everything
• Ability to write creative and interesting blog posts about sometimes mundane things like reporting potholes
• Understanding of civics and local government structure
• Planted a tree in their neighborhood or at least picks up trash when they see it on the ground
• A sense of humor in the office and with SeeClickFix users
• Used SeeClickFix and has an understanding of the way the tool works
• A bachelor's degree or be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg

Bonus Traits for brownie points:

- Some knowledge of html or design tools
- Fast hands on the Ping Pong table
- Likes bicycles more than cars
- Bilingual
- Multilingual
- A user profile on SeeClickFix with over 200 civic points

How We're Different

Join a growing startup team that is connecting 100,000's of citizens to each other and their local Government international and currently in 12 different languages. Our data feeds are distributed by hundreds of media partners who use the data to inform readers and hold government accountable. SeeClickFix is a revenue generating and is backed by Venture funds founded by the founder of Ebay, Pierre Omidyar and the Prophet of Silicon Valley, Tim O'Reilly

Come join us in remaking the user interface to government. Power to the community!

We believe treating our employees right is important to doing great work. Here are the benefits we're offering right now:

- Competitive Salary
- Equity ' Everyone who works here owns a bit of the company's success
- Conferences ' Continue your learning at conferences and we'll pick up the tab
- Health insurance benefits
- Three weeks paid time off

Please email your resume and cover letter to Ben@SeeClickFix.com