Islip DPW Patches Pothole

Despite the recent hit of Snowmageddon on the east coast, the Department of Public Works in Islip on Long Island New York, worked on the speedy patch of a pothole reported with Issue 78856 on SeeClickFix 10 days ago.
SeeClickFixer William had expressed that "This location has created several potholes together resulting in a some what inverted mountain range. I live on this street and must travel on it everyday unfortunately. Drivers familiar with this location tend to slow down in anticipation of the danger ahead (understandably). Unfortunately the driver behind you may not be so familiar or aware of the danger ahead creating a secondary danger here"

Within 7 days, Karri Mollet, the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, closed the issue stating that the potholes were patched by a DPW crew. Karri went further on to explain the diligent roadwork that the DPW has been accomplishing with this year's crazy weather.

With the help of users like William, Karri, and SeeClickFix, the community of Islip can expect their roadways to be ready for the upcoming spring season!