Raleigh Councilman Bonner Gaylord receives award for bringing SeeClickFix to town

If we could give the Councilman an award we would as well but the North Carolina Center for Education beat us to the punch.

Bonner first started using SeeClickFix Plus in the fall and since then has brought on all of his fellow Council members, the Mayor and the City. The local news site WRAL was so excited by the prospect of enabling open communication between citizens and their governments that they agreed to front the 400/month cost for the City's use of the professional issue tracking and customized smart phone and reporting features.

Here's more on the award:

"Bonner Gaylord -- Outstanding Public Servant

Raleigh City Councilor Bonner Gaylord represents District E, where he has been a lifelong resident. He is on the forefront of utilizing technology to connect citizens with their government, implementing the "SeeClickFix" program, an online application that allows community members to alert city officials and neighbors to areas in need of improvement -- from potholes to unsafe intersections.

Gaylord has also been a local leader on bridging partisan divides, joining the "No Labels" movement that seeks to improve the tone of political discourse and find common ground."

Source: http://www.ncvotered.com/releases/2011/2_9_11_sda_recipients.php