Saratogian Addresses Snow-Covered Newspaper Boxes

Thanks to snowy conditions, the Saratogian found itself making headlines when residents started complaining about the inaccessibility to its newspaper boxes.

Using the SCF mobile app, one Saratoga Springs resident reported that he was unable to access one of their newspaper boxes last Friday because of the snow and requested they shovel around it.

"As an older person, I fell trying to buy a paper."
Three days later, the same resident reported that another newspaper box was snowed in.

Now, the Saratogian is responding. Jim Collier, the newspaper's circulation director, was initially unaware of the problem, but promised to resolve the issue. "We have a couple of guys that are supposed to be doing that," he said. "We'll get on top of it."

We're proud to partner with such a responsive media organization. Keep up the great work!