SeeClickFixing Potholes in Carolina Beach

(Photo courtesy of WECT)

WECT reported that the town of Carolina Beach, NC recently patched several potholes along Greenville and South Sixth Street after someone reported the issue on SeeClickFix.

Known as "Jordan," the user said that the potholes had previously been patched, but keep reopening:
There are so many that if you meet an on-coming car, you hit them. I have hit them several times, causing my car to lose its alignment.
According to WECT, crews have temporarily repaired the potholes and will make more permanent fixes in the future. Tim Owens, the town manager of Carolina Beach, described the process: "We have patched this area using something called cold patch at the intersection of Sixth and Greenvilles. We use cold patch in the winter time when you can't pave to get us through. We will get this intersection and other areas on our maintenance schedule soon."

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