To Change Lanes or Not to Change Lanes?

(Photo courtesy of WBTV)

In our last blog post, we wrote about WBTV's investigation into an issue reported via SeeClickFix in Charlotte, NC. The local television station is now looking into another complaint in the same area.

This time, an anonymous user posted about the confusion many residents face while driving on North Tryon Street:

There are three lines riding up North Tryon from East Mallard. But, when you come up to the Bloom plaza that third line is really block off for you to get over in the Left lane then if your turning onto J.W. Clay then get back over in the Right lane which turns into a turning lane. Well, the problem here is that numerous people ride that lane out. I'm a safe driver licensed in GA and you will get a ticket riding over the other white lines. So, if they can just fix it and make it a third right turning lane, I will be so happy.

Another SCF user, D. Reis Daniels, agreed that the road needs to be addressed:

I almost get hit every time I use that lane because i am trying to get over where it is marked and not by riding out the crossed off lane. It is VERY unsafe. There have been MANY close calls there.
According to WBTV, there are "somewhat faded stripes, a solid lane marker stripe, and right turn arrows painted on the road." Some drivers cut across those stripes while others switch to the right lane after already passing them.

Viewed over 370 times, the issue has not been fixed since being reported five months ago. WBTV decided to contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation and received promising feedback from Jen Thompson. She said, "Our plan is to remark the lines that separate the two thru lanes from the right lane, but we will also change the lane markings to indicate a thru/right combination lane up to Normandy Drive, then dropping to a right-turn only onto Normandy."

"The contractor will be removing the existing right arrows and cross hatchings across the lanes," Thompson added. "They will be replaced with the right/thru combination arrows, skip lines, along with right arrows and the word "ONLY" approaching Normandy Drive." The news outlet said the work should begin in early April.

Keep the momentum going, WBTV!