WBTV Investigates Neighborhood Crime

(Photo courtesy of WBTV)

Eleven months ago, SeeClickFix user "Jen" reported issue #34221 and saw no results. Now, local television station WBTV is investigating the situation.

Having been viewed over 680 times, the issue deals with illegal activity happening on the 4400 block of S.Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC. Resident Jen wrote: "drug, prostitution, loitering, police know this. And music from cars all night [...] there have been t[w]o robberies at gun point this week and the police still do not watch this area." When WBTV spoke with local residents, they discovered that the complaints were "consistent with the issues that have been in that neighborhood."

According to WBTV, the station recently monitored the block for two days. While they did not see any suspicious activity, they said that the proper authorities, the Charlotte Mecklenburg police, have been notified of the complaint and are responding to the resident's request for additional patrols in the area.

Way to go, WBTV!