Operation Dead Cactus

As wintry weather and potholes cause trouble across the country, one city strayed from the trend and dealt with a pricklier issue.

Reported only 15 days ago, issue #86215 "Dead Cactus" was resolved in Albuquerque, NM last Friday. Local resident Joe Barela reported the massive cactus located on the Watercress and Jefferson median and believed the overflowing plant could be dangerous to citizens.

The cactus has large needles and is a hazard to traffic and pedestrians.

Barela previously reported the problem twice to no avail. This time, the 311 Citizen Contact Center responded within one day on SeeClickFix, escalated the resident's initial report, and dealt with the cactus. On Friday, Barela gratefully commented:

It is all gone. It was gone as of Friday afternoon. The area looks so much better. Thanks to everyone.

Gotta love a happy ending!