If You Build It, They Will Come

With winter coming to an end, potholes of all shapes and sizes continue to negatively impact communities across the globe. Believing roads affect our daily lives, Pothole.Info recently highlighted SeeClickFix's success with pothole abatement, emphasizing how the site simultaneously engages citizens and helps local governments save money.

Citizens are coming, local governments are responding – and the potholes are getting fixed.

Pothole.info attributed part of SeeClickFix's success with the implementation of smartphone apps since citizens, particularly millennials, view them as tools for change and for organizing groups of people.

In other words, if hundreds of people in a medium-size city take camera phone pictures of potholes and then forward them on to the city's streets maintenance department, more of the most important potholes will be filled and fixed faster. Net result: a whole city will become more drivable.

Like we say here at SeeClickFix, potholes really are the gateway drug to civic engagement!

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