Using SeeClickFix to Benefit Elders

Recently, I stumbled across an interesting YouTube video about employing SeeClickFix to the benefit of elders.

A health care consultant (and singer!), AnthonysSong advocates for senior citizens everywhere. When he came across SeeClickFix, he deemed it 'an idea worth emulating' and believed there should be an equivalent in elder care.

He does cite Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) as providing services for aging populations, but he says it's "not the case across the board because obviously there are people who are living alone and not in a community of elders who need help as well but are isolated from other people."

SeeClickFix allows citizens anywhere to report and track issues in their communities via the Internet. By doing so, it encourages citizens to publicly broadcast issues, work collectively to improve their neighborhoods, and become engaged on a greater scale. According to AnthonysSong, SeeClickSix can serve as a model for attending to seniors' needs from grocery shopping to doctor visits:

The whole idea of the community rallying around the needs of the people and issues within that community is a good one and we just need to adapt it for rallying around the causes of our elders and everyone chipping in to make that happen.

If you want to learn more about AnthonysSong and what he does, check out his website and Twitter.