A Mash Made in Heaven

Today, Buffalo Green Code announced it would integrate SeeClickFix into its site after noticing countless residents posting community issues via SCF. The mashup combines citizen remarks submitted through its Buffalo Citizen Engagement map and community issues reported on our website:

Although SCF is generally used for 311 type-issues, I saw that many comments were more planning related. In an effort to provide the planners of the Green Code with as much useful information as possible, I combined the Buffalo Citizen Engagement map on the Green Code site with the comments from See Click Fix onto one map. This helps us visualize all types of issues no matter how they were submitted to the web!

According to Green Code, they seek to "implement a new regulatory framework for the development of [their] neighborhoods" that will improve residents' quality of life by employing smart growth standards, encouraging both economic and environmental sustainability, promoting fiscal growth, and allowing for development transparency. Their "Green Code" would replace Buffalo's zoning ordinance passed in the early 1950s.

We're honored to help Buffalo Green Code on its mission. We're even more excited about SCF's Ben Berkowitz speaking alongside Green Code's Crystal Wilson at the APA's National Planning Conference in Boston two weeks from now!