Hometown Pothole Fix

My hometown of Shelton is known for many things: the Wiffle Ball, canary-fighting rings, and NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky. Until recently, fixing potholes did not fall into this category.

Using SeeClickFix, I posted two issues involving poor road conditions in early March (see issues #86756 and #86024). While my potholes still remain, another Shelton resident just discovered the pothole she had posted no longer exists!

Reported just six days ago and viewed over 50 times, issue #89364 entitled "Very large pothole" involved a very large pothole on Beardsley Road in Shelton, CT. Who could have guessed? According to the SeeClickFix user, the pothole had appeared a few weeks ago and was very hard to avoid while driving.

Last night, however, Shelton resident Dana happily closed the issue:

I was driving home from work today and was expecting to hit this pothole for the millionth time when I noticed....it is fixed! I am so happy and really impressed that it was fixed so quickly.

As a lifelong Shelton resident, I'm excited to see my local government stepping up and improving the quality of our roads. Let's hope this continues in the future!