Forget FarmVille. There's a New Request in Town!

While procrastinating on Facebook last night, I received a notification from an unlikely source: Alger Street in Brockton, Massachusetts.

As my newest friend, Alger Street may not seem like the nicest of the bunch:

I am one of the meanest, ugliest roads you've ever seen. I pop tires, dent rims, break shocks, you name it I do it. I have been this way for about 10 years now. Even though people complain about me constantly, NO ONE CAN CHANGE ME. I'M A MONSTER!!!

Since its creation, Alger Street has generated a lot of activity from local citizens whether it be in the form of wall posts, photo uploads, or friend requests. Right now, the street has 526 friends and that number keeps growing!

Back in early March, Christine Brennan of East Bridgewater created the Facebook profile to shed light on the horrible condition of the pothole-riddled road. Brennan told the Boston Globe that Alger Street has plagued drivers for years (possibly decades) and that she had been commuting to work via the street for 13 years. She cites the rise of social media for revolutionary means as inspiration behind her decision:

They took over Egypt with a Facebook page. We figured we could get Alger Street fixed.

According to the Patriot Ledger, Brennan filed a claim with the city to receive compensation for automobile damages caused by the street. While the claim was denied, she appealed the decision. The city continues to patch the road, but permanent fixes have yet to be implemented.

However, there is hope for Alger Street commuters! Though the road may suffer from poor construction, the city's Public Works Commissioner Michael Thoreson said they may redesign the roadway in the future.

For now, it looks like Alger Street will just have to continue bidding its time rocking out to Slipknot and watching Armageddon (listed as the road's favorite band and movie, respectively).