Cell Phones for Social Change

Harvard Crimson columnist Niharika S. Jain featured SeeClickFix in her opinion piece published today titled The Mobile Revolution - We can use cell phones for social change. In explaining how non-profits, businesses and citizens are leveraging this technology to promote social change and development, Jain used our platform as an example of how mobile phones are used to promote better governance through improved communication and delivery of services. She wrote:

...mobile phones can empower citizens to voice their needs and concerns to the government. For instance, SeeClickFix is a platform that allows people to submit information on everyday, non-emergency problems like a traffic light timing problem, road potholes, or blocked bike lanes. Governements can then effectively respond to these issues, as New Haven, Conn. policemen did when they arrested the culprits of petty neighborhood crimes reported through this platform.

From entrepreneurs reaching new markets in Ghana, to citizens disrupting the trade of fake prescription drugs in Nigeria, SeeClickFix is just one of many amazing examples Jain uses to illustrate the powerful impact this technology has on people looking to usher in meaningful social change.