Paving the Road to Results

Nineteen days ago, SeeClickFix user Sherrie described the condition of Little Rock Road in Charlotte, NC as 'terrible' and 'dilapidated' complete with cracks in the asphalt, holes, and bumps.
It is so uneven going toward the airport terminal. It is like trying to dodge bullets, trying not to hit the bad areas but you have to hit them because they are everywhere in the road.
Sherrie added that the poor road conditions have been around for quite some time and wreak havoc on vehicle alignment.
This has been like this since I have been living in this area, 12 years, why doesn't it ever get any attention? I would think that the city would want this road to be nice for visitors, considering it is an exit and entrance road to the airport.
Thanks to the WBTV team, this issue is now getting the attention it deserves. A few days ago, the media outlet examined the road, reached out to NC-DOT, and received some promising news.
They got right back with us saying this section of Little Rock Road is being considered for re-surfacing this year. In fact, they'll be looking over contracts in the near future. State DOT also says if for some reason resurfacing doesn't happen this year, they'll do some temporary patching to take care of it in the interim.