Stopping Safely in Saratoga Springs

Citizens in Saratoga Springs are raising awareness about safe driving in their community with help from SeeClickFix media partner The Saratogian. This past Wednesday the city participated in Operation Safe Stop, a nationwide event held to crack down on drivers who illegally pass school buses. Police officers rode aboard buses and followed routes with a history of illegal passing complaints in marked and unmarked cars. Careless drivers faced penalties that range from fines to jail time. The Saratogian explains the importance of Operation Safe Stop:

"More children are getting hurt getting on and off the bus than riding the bus," said Cindy Dort, occupant protection educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension and coordinator of this year's local Operation Safe Stop Day.

While the event focused primarily on larger roads, SeeClickFix users in Saratoga Springs have been discussing solutions to the issue on their smaller neighborhood roads. Issue #91271 - School Child Almost Run Over by Car Ignoring Stopped Bus on Gick Road is one of several issues focused on illegal passing along this particular road. The SeeClickFix user who reported the issue wrote:

This isn't a stupid issue, someone could be hurt or killed. I don't want to watch my son getting on the school bus and getting mowed down by an ignorant and careless driver.

Thank you to The Saratogian and SeeClickFix users for increasing awareness and helping to resolve this alarming issue.