Using SeeClickFix on the Campaign Trail

With 166 days until the primary election, New Haven resident Doug Hausladen recently launched his campaign website for municipal office. And guess what's included as part of his platform? As a proud Ward 7 resident, Doug hopes to improve his community by encouraging his neighbors to report issues via SeeClickFix and even dedicates an entire section of his website to it.

Before setting his eyes on public office, Doug ran his own small business and served as chairman of a local community management team where he collaborated with local residents and small business owners alike. Through this work, he discovered a community 'overflowing with potential, however much of this potential has remained untapped due to numerous obstructions.' Doug wants to help his community prosper by removing these obstructions. The SeeClickFix team looks forward to following Doug (and his use of our site) on the campaign trail!
To learn more about Doug and his campaign, check out the campaign website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.