NH Register Launches 'Gripe of the Day'

(Courtesy of the New Haven Register)

Following in the footsteps of the Washington Post, the New Haven Register launched its very own "Gripe of the Day" feature back in early March. And we couldn't be more excited here at SeeClickFix, especially since the newspaper (and SCF media partner) is based in New Haven with us.

Most recently, the newspaper featured drag racing as its "Gripe of the Day" after an anonymous user posted about it fifteen days ago. Viewed over 60 times, Issue #89389- Drag Racing involved nighttime drag racing and cruising on Foxtown Boulevard in New Haven. According to the user, he or she has almost been hit twice already, and the problem continues:

Police come and chase them them away, but they just come back and start again. I have a feeling as it warms up it is only going to get worse and someone is going to get hurt.

Another user 'L' agreed and added that local drag racing has been a problem for years.

The police need to do some investigation and impound these cars, making it harder for these jerks to do this. I hear them almost every weekend, at the wee hours, but I didn't know where they were lately, because I couldn't see them.

The user also called for citizens to document license plate numbers and details of those automobiles involved in the drag racing.

To help stop the drag racing, the New Haven Register contacted the city on Friday, asking what measures were being taken. The city spokesman Adam Joseph told the paper:

In an effort to make our streets safer for pedestrians, motorist and cyclists the (city) of New Haven has greatly increased its traffic enforcement operations.

It's great to see local media organizations shedding light on (and helping to fix) community issues reported via SeeClickFix. A huge thanks to the New Haven Register team!