Planting Seeds of Change

(Sneak preview of SCF app)

I know a thing or two about farming. Having worked on one during high school, I've weeded strawberries in the summer, harvested pumpkins in autumn, and pruned fir trees during the winter months. Despite this real-world experience, there's one thing I never quite mastered: virtual farming.
Flash forward to 2009 with the launch of FarmVille, the highly popular application that allows Facebookers to manage their own virtual farm from plowing land and planting seeds to harvesting crops and raising livestock.
With about 80 million players worldwide, almost 20 percent of all Facebook users have tended to crops using this application. In fact, 30 million farm on a daily basis. While I never caught FarmVille fever, I've known people who almost failed out of college because they feared their raspberries would wither.
You may be asking yourself: why our sudden interest in FarmVille?
Well, SeeClickFix will be entering the Facebook application world in the very near future (read: this Wednesday). Over the years, Facebook has proven to be a powerful platform for organizing groups of people online to effect change offline. Just consider the recent revolutions in the Middle East.
We hope our deepening integration with Facebook will empower citizens to help themselves and those around them. With FarmVille, users can collaborate with virtual 'neighbors' to plant and harvest virtual crops. With the SeeClickFix app, however, users will be able to connect with their real neighbors to plant real trees in their real communities.
The Facebook app will not only serve as another means of reporting issues to SeeClickFix. We're hoping it will also make SeeClickFix fun, easy, and more accessible to users. While there will be some Facebook tweaks, the application will tie directly into our already-powerful SeeClickFix platform, which allows anyone in the world to report and track issues in their communities.
The SeeClickFix application will launch this Wednesday after we officially announce it at this year's We Media NYC. Additional details will be found in a press release coming soon!