How do you say “pothole” in…?

New users are joining the SeeClickFix community every day to report issues, voice concerns and connect with neighbors. Our platform is an important tool for civic and social engagement in over 25,000 towns and 8,000 neighborhoods both in the United States and around the world. As we continue our international expansion, we also continue saying "Thank you" to some special users who are helping to spread the SeeClickFix message one word at a time (literally!).

Some very special SeeClickFix users have helped translate our content into over 10 languages (and counting). By generously volunteering their time and skills, SCF Translators are not only helping us, but also helping new people utilize our technology to improve their community.

If you can say "Another person wants this fixed!" in Armenian, or "Public Watch Areas" in Persian, we want to hear from you! Contact us to learn more about translating content for SeeClickFix.