How to Help Improve Our Champigny

Guest Post by Damien Hartmann (resident of Champigny-sur-Marne, France)

It probably regularly happens, when you walk in Champigny, that you notice a detail which bothers you and should require the action of the municipality: a pothole, a traffic light which no longer works, graffiti, an abandoned car. Small things, not important enough to make one call the 311 line, but which are part of those small details which keep you from fully enjoying your environment.
There are also those not so small things which endanger us, our friends, or our neighbors on a daily basis: cars driving way too fast in the street, drug dealers occupying the hall of a building, a lack of crosswalk which forces pedestrians to cross the street dangerously. Things that we probably reported to the city hall, but what power does a single voice carry lost among, one reckons, hundreds of others for similar issues? In order to change this, practical and usable solutions exist.
One of these is SeeClickFix, a website which lets any citizen to report issues in his or her neighborhood by simply pointing its localization on a map and shortly describing it. The other inhabitants can then vote for the issue to be fixed, which highlights the most urgent issues or those which concerns the largest number of citizens. They can also propose solutions or bring a new point of view to any issue. Living in Champigny, though I love this city, there are undoubtedly numerous things that could be improved.