Griping with Traffic Lights

Like many media outlets before it, the News-Herald has started investigating issues reported on SeeClickFix with its newly-launched 'Today's Gripe' feature.

Reported five days ago, Issue #93702- Red lights for no traffic dealt with the unnecessary use of traffic lights near the Northshore Mall. An anonymous local resident explained that this traffic light doesn't need to run all night and should default to flash yellow during off-hours.

Is it really necessary to have the Northshore Mall light running all night? Stopping traffic at 5:00 am for the mall with no cars waiting to get out wastes gas and serves east and west bound traffic on Lakeshore no purpose. Having it on yellow flash during off hours at the mall like it used to would be great.

Thanks to the Ohio-based newspaper, this issue may soon be resolved. According to Willowick traffic technician Rick Pugh, city traffic lights are currently operating under their regular schedule. The entire city will get new traffic lights, but they have yet to be fully installed. With completion set for late summer, traffic signals will be adjusted to the flow of traffic, sensors, and timers--just as they worked in the past.

We're doing a traffic revamping. As they do that, when they put up the lights in the city, they haven't cut the loops in yet. So until they're done, they'll just continue cycling.

A big SeeClickFix thanks to the News-Herald for raising awareness about community issues and helping its citizens see results. To report an issue in Willowick or learn more about 'Today's Gripe,' click here.