They Should Fix That!

(Photo of cracked sidewalk courtesy of

A friend of SeeClickFix and contributor, City Councilor Bonner Gaylord recently blogged about how our website helps Raleigh citizens report and track community issues with ease.
Oftentimes, people do not know who to contact about community problems, how the fixing process works, and so on. These 'seeds of doubt,' as Gaylord calls them, may create unnecessary confusion and prompt individuals to just live with problems instead of reporting them.
Did you expend the energy to start down a mental road thinking, "OK, it's not a federal issue, maybe I could call NC DOT? Or should I call Wake County? No, this is probably the city government. Yep, that's it....I think."

Councilor Gaylord, however, says people no longer have to travel down that road.
There is now a new road that you can take. It's called SeeClickFix and it answers or renders moot all of the issues above [...] You don't have to find the right person. You don't have to wait until that person is at their desk. You don't have to worry about how clearly your message was received. You don't have to worry if you will be forgotten and you don't have to worry about accountability. You report it, and your government has made a commitment to openly respond, follow up, and be held accountable.
The SeeClickFix team would not only like to thank Councilor Gaylord for this fantastic post, but for also serving as a model public servant, one who understands how technology works to foster open communication between citizens and their governments.