Tell your issue “Say Cheese!”

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially here at SeeClickFix! Whether they're inserted in a comment or included when submitting a new report, posting a picture with your issue is sure to get people to notice the problem and help you advocate for a fix.

A user in Dunwoody, GA sheds some light on a broken street light by taking a picture with their camera phone and reporting the issue with their SeeClickFix mobile app!
Dangerous traffic conditions in Philadelphia are captured by a user while biking home from work and seen by over 550 SeeClickFix users.

Cyclists riding on New Haven sidewalks prompted one SeeClickFixer to post this picture- an inspiring idea for a possible fix.

Posting a photo with every issue you report to SeeClickFix is a great way to improve your community while practicing your photography skills. So grab your camera phone and tell that issue "Say Cheese!". We promise, that pothole you pass every morning isn't camera shy.