Addressing Concerns With One Click

Hoping to better communicate with residents and improve his community, Councillor Jeffrey Knoll recently started using SeeClickFix to track and acknowledge issues reported in Ward 5 of Oakville, Canada.

An active Twitter user, Knoll understands the role technology can play in creating social change:

We're interested in being part of a social community, sharing experiences electronically. Rather than just talking about Charlie Sheen's tiger blood, you can use that same energy to bring some good to your community.

With SeeClickFix, Oakville residents can report non-emergency issues, like potholes and graffiti, through multiple, mobile devices, and the new Facebook Application. Once those issues are reported, Knoll receives alerts about them and can subsequently respond to citizens.

This gives the public a really simple mechanism to provide some basic details like they would on a social networking site and send it off to whomever can fix it. It's all automatic, really.

By acknowledging issues, Knoll can update his residents about the progress and status of particular Ward 5 problems in an online, public forum. For example, one resident 'RonNasty64' reported Issue #96205- Garbage bag on the corner just one day ago:

A large bag of plastic containers is sitting on the NW corner of Glenashton and Trafalgar. I thought it was from the clean-up on Saturday, but judging from the garbage nearby, I think someone could have just dumped it there.

Within the same day, Knoll acknowledged and closed the issue after the Haltom Waste Management removed the trash. A huge SeeClickFix thanks to Councillor Knoll for being so responsive to his constituents. We look forward to seeing how Ward 5 uses our site to see, click, and fix issues in its community!