An Internship to Remember

Guest post by Erin (SeeClickFix Intern)

As my time winds down here at SeeClickFix, I thought it would be a great idea to share my internship experience with the SeeClickFix community. While I have interned at other companies before, this internship experience was the most unique. It's not every day that interns sit in the same office as the CEO!

During my internship here, I have been made to feel like part of the SeeClickFix team, being included in every team meeting and brainstorming session. I often found myself missing the atmosphere of the SeeClickFix office on the days that I was not scheduled to work. The knowledge and work experience I have gained is vast and valuable having worked on a variety of assignments like writing blogs and media outreach. And I must admit I was a little nervous at first!

I definitely had my missteps along the way like when I signed up a government official for the wrong watch area (thank you Ben for not getting mad). However, I quickly learned how to write an apology letter and improved on navigating the SeeClickFix website to avoid making those errors again.

As I look back on my first few days up until now, I can confidently say that I have learned the inner and outer workings of how to build a successful company. Plus, I made great friends along the way. I will be taking my newly gained knowledge and moving on to another internship this summer. However, I will still be around the New Haven area in the fall. And who knows? Maybe I'll be back! For now, I would like to say farewell to the SeeClickFix community. You have all made my time here interesting and wonderful!