Priority Potholes

Both the Meriden Record-Journal and WFSB Eyewitness News are talking about the latest community turning to SeeClickFix this pothole season. Meriden, CT has 189 miles of roadway, along which over 700 potholes are patched each year. Residents of the community can easily point out a long list of pothole plagued roads to avoid, helping to inform both drivers and city officials about the dangerous conditions.

Meriden has started using SeeClickFix to address residents concerns and smooth the streets, encouraging everyone to report issues such as potholes using our website and mobile apps. Bob Bass from the Meriden Department of Public Works, featured on a WFSB Eyewitness News segment about their road repair efforts, explained to viewers the benefit of using SeeClickFix.

"It gives them another opportunity to get a hold of us," said Bob Bass, of the Department of Public Works. "Instead of picking up the phone if you see something, with your smartphone you can send something through your smartphone, or you could still call us, but it works out very well."

As is the case in most communities, the city will be repairing potholes according to priority. Users in Meriden can use SeeClickFix to advocate for the areas they believe are most in need. By commenting on and voting for their neighbors issue, and encouraging others to do the same, residents can ensure their priorities are the city's priorities.

We're thrilled to see another example of how citizens and their city can communicate and collaborate to solve problems and improve their community with SeeClickFix!