Guerrilla Gardening 101

April showers are finally giving way to May flowers. For those lucky enough to have a green thumb, gardening season is here! In-between tending the vegetable garden in your backyard, or the pots of herbs growing near your kitchen window, its sow easy to beautify your community! SeeClickFix users are always reporting issues about overgrown, unkempt, and neglected space in their neighborhoods. With a few gardening supplies, and the help of some of your neighbors, why not turn an urban eyesore into an unexpected oasis?

If you need additional inspiration (or, if you're like me, instructions) to aid your gardening efforts, look no further than Guerrilla Gardening! Started as a record of guerrilla gardener Richard Reynolds' illicit cultivation around London, England, this website is described as an "arsenal for anyone interested in the war against neglect and scarcity of public space as a place to grow things, be they beautiful, tasty (or both!)." Perfect, right? His website is packed with ideas and tips on transforming spaces such as those reported to SeeClickFix.

While my thumb is far from green, I am going to try this technique right here in New Haven. If any local SeeClickFixers have any gardening tips or know a place that could use a pick-me-up, let me know! Tweet us at @seeclickfix or leave a comment right here.