Biking Every Day in May

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Grab your helmets and start pedaling; National Bike Month just launched across the nation! From reporting road hazards to calling for new bike racks, SeeClickFix users promote the use of bicycling as both transportation and recreation not just in May, but every day.

Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike Month highlights the benefits of commuting via bicycle not only for individuals, but also for the greater community. Biking promotes an active and healthy lifestyle while simultaneously improving the environment through reducing citizens' carbon footprints, enhancing air quality, and diminishing traffic congestion.

Observing these benefits, citizens everywhere use SeeClickFix to create more bike-friendly neighborhoods. In Philadelphia, one resident called for some local bike lanes to be repainted (Issue #98850- Bike lanes need to be repainted) while one New Haven resident asked for additional bicycle racks (Issue #97181 - Bike rack request). Across the country, an Albuquerque resident raised awareness about some dangerous bike trail pavement that could cause cyclists' crashes (Issue #95578 - Bike trail pavement pulverized no warning signs or detour).

Based in Georgia, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition even utilizes SeeClickFix map widgets to report, monitor, and ultimately help fix road hazards, thereby showing the least hazard-riddled bike routes in nearby neighborhoods. The organization often intercedes on behalf of Atlanta cyclists with complaints and concerns ranging from dangerous potholes to parallel sewer grates (Issue #96238 - bicycle hazards). The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia similarly allows it members to report road hazards through SeeClickFix.

Committed to further spreading this bicycle love, National Bike Month lasts the entire month and features 'Bike to Work Way' from May 16-20 and 'Bike to Work Day' on May 20, and encourages communities nationwide to plan and publicize their own bike-related activities.

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