Sparking Innovation at CityCamp Raleigh

Last year, Chicago became the first city to host its own CityCamp, 'an unconference focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations.' Just months after launching SeeClickFix, the city of Raleigh will be hosting its very own unconference geared towards creating solutions for open government.

Scheduled from June 3 to 5, CityCamp Raleigh serves as a series of "open sourced talks, workshops, and hands-on problem solving, to re-imagine the way the web, applications, technology, and participation will shape the future of our city." As an 'unconference,' CityCamp Raleigh participants determine the focus and content themselves, playing active roles in each session coordinated by the facilitators.

Hoping to highlight the importance of collaboration, CityCamp Raleigh will bring together participants from countless industries, ranging from government and business to non-profit, academia, and community-based. With these various entities, many voices will come together to propose solutions for one community.

With SeeClickFix already implemented citywide, City Councilman (and event organizer) Bonner Gaylord hopes CityCamp Raleigh will produce similar innovative and tech-savvy solutions for local municipalities. According to The News & Observer, there are already twenty suggestions on CityCamp Raleigh's website including:

[...] ideas for an app that shows an overview of how the city's comprehensive plan would affect your neighborhood, an app that lets bus riders know when their stop is coming up and an app that shows which nearby parking decks have the most available spaces.

Planning committee co-chairman Jason Hibbets hopes CityCamp Raleigh will be just the beginning:

It's a really important thing to have this dialogue between all these stakeholders. We're looking at this event as being a catalyst to kind of kick-start all this, and turn this event into a movement.

SeeClickFix looks forward to attending CityCamp Raleigh and helping participants create community-based, technological solutions to promote the next generation of local governments.