The Wonder of a Widget

On the SeeClickFix blog, we tend to focus on the flurry of activity happening each day on our website. Even as you're reading this, new issues are being reported by users, comments are being posted by community groups and tickets are being closed by our government clients. Wishing your homepage could help improve your surroundings offline? If you're a community group member, local blogger or anyone else with a website and a strong sense of neighborhood pride, you're in luck! We're all about sharing here at SeeClickFix, which is why we have made it easy to get in on the action with our map and text widgets.

Embedding one of our widgets allows people to report issues to SeeClickFix directly through your page, simultaneously improving your surroundings while driving traffic to your site. It's a cool tool that puts the power of the SeeClickFix platform on your own page! In only 3 easy steps, your website could join the fun with a shiny new map or text widget!

Step 1.
Navigate over to the SeeClickFix widget page by clicking here.

Step 2.
Choose your widget (map, simplified map or text) and complete the form. Find your location, set the width and height, give your new widget a title! You can even create a widget that filters the issues displayed by keyword! Once you've created a widget perfectly customized for your website, click "Create Widget".

Step 3.
SeeClickFix will automatically generate a code for your widget. Copy the embed code into an HTML element anywhere on your site.

SeeClickFix widgets have been featured on a wide range of websites for media outlets, community groups and hyperlocal news sources. Know of a great blog or community group site that features a SeeClickFix widget? Did this blog post inspire you to make over your homepage while empowering your friends and neighbors? We would love to see the sites where our users are reporting issues from! In the spirit of sharing, leave a comment here with a link or tweet us @seeclickfix!