TechSoup Launches “Projects We're Watching” Series

Having followed our website for several years, TechSoup Global recently featured SeeClickFix as the inaugural project in its new "Projects We're Watching" blog series. The series will explore "the most interesting and inspiring initiatives that are doing good in ways that are not only sustainable, but that also have the potential to create wide-reaching systemic change." While TechSoup nicely summarizes our online tool, it also elaborates on its success and possibilities:

We like the above examples [IdleFreePhilly, New Haven, Hartford, and Dallas] because they illustrate how technology, NGO's and citizens working together can take the burden off of local government and help make communities better places to live, work and play. The fact that SeeClickFix is using citizen-generated data to make community issues transparent shows it can be successfully applied to non-emergency problems and even social causes (like clean air), but we are also intrigued by its possible application in disaster response and resource sharing and conservation (like food).

With this series, TechSoup hopes to better understand the featured projects' applications and implications for the nonprofit community. To accomplish this, TechSoup needs your help. If you want to contribute to the conversation, post a comment here. SeeClickFix looks forward to seeing how this series develops!