SeeClickFix for Safer Roads

SeeClickFix media partner The Saratogian is at it again, bringing attention to a hazardous stretch of road in Saratoga Springs, New York. As part of their ongoing SeeClickFix Series, The Saratogian recently highlighted Issue #55010 - Large dip creates horrific accidents. The issue was anonymously reported nearly 9 months ago.

The large dip in Petrified Sea Gardens Road is quite a dangerous spot. I have seen three major accidents in which an ambulance took one or more severely injured people. At the very least, would it be possible to put signs at the top of the hill? If you take this hill too fast, you run a strong risk of wiping out. It is very steep, and cannot see who is coming until you crest over the hill.

Shortly after being reported, other residents began commenting on the issue and voting for it's fix. From speeding drivers to lack of signage, SeeClickFix users had a variety of opinions about what exactly makes this hill so dangerous to motorists and cyclists. A commenter named Von summarized the number of factors that contribute to this issue:

Even if both parties are traveling the speed limit this area is still a dangerous location. The problem is a combination of a blind hill and the fact that the road also bends at that point. This mean someone who's traveling south needs to adjust to the right as they crest the hill otherwise they'll find themselves in the oncoming lane. This is all compounded by the fact that few people adhere to the speed limits while traveling through here. Something certainly needs to be done to make this situation safe.

With the help of The Saratogian, and the 20 SeeClickFixers who voted on this report, this issue is getting the attention of public officials in Saratoga Springs. Public Safety Commissioner Richard Wirth told The Saratogian he was not familiar with the commenters' particular concerns, but said that he would gladly send staff to investigate the SeeClickFix issue. Wirth also explained to the paper that the city can review the accident history on the road and see if it merits a traffic study.

We're proud to again see media, citizens and local government coming together to resolve community issues using SeeClickFix. Thank you to The Saratogian and all in Saratoga Springs who voiced their concerns about the hazardous street. SeeClickFix is looking forward to seeing the final fix for this problem!