SubSeries Announces Partnership with SeeClickFix

SubSeries Announces Partnership with SeeClickFix
SeeClickFix Will Provide SubSeries With Online Tool to Generate Citizen Feedback

New York, New York (June 6, 2011) -- With hopes of engaging public imagination and soliciting ideas from subway riders, SubSeries announces its new partnership with citizen-reporting platform SeeClickFix to transform the urban landscape of New York City subway stations. Curated by design partnership Baukunst Studio, SubSeries serves as an unsolicited design initiative to visualize the future of the public space at twelve subway stations.

The project brings together over 20 emerging New York-based architects, designers, and artists to address the question: "What are the most optimistic strategies for reforming this network of unclaimed public space?" SubSeries will not only highlight existing problems, but also envision a positive urban future that builds upon the existing subway infrastructure.

Through SeeClickFix's platform, SubSeries hopes to collect information and suggestions from NYC residents about how to improve these urban environments. The project opened one 'ticket' for each of the twelve SubSeries subway stations including Grand Central, Columbus Circle, and Harlem 125th Street. By posting comments, users can share what they think should change and suggest their visions for these spaces.

"Over the years, the Internet has proven itself as a powerful tool for empowering citizens and enacting change," said Ben Berkowitz, SeeClickFix CEO and co-founder. "With our technology, we hope NYC residents will actively engage with one another and suggest offline changes to reclaim the city's public spaces."

This evening, SubSeries will continue sparking public dialogue at the "preview" of its upcoming fall exhibition (date TBD) at Columbia University's Studio X gallery (180 Varick Street). The free event starts at 6:00pm and will be open to the public.

"We plan to present a rapid synopsis of the design ideas for the twelve subway stations followed by an open conversation about the future of SubSeries," said Elizabeth Lasater, exhibition co-curator and Baukunst Studio co-founder. "The goal of this discussion is to develop a strategy to attract attention from city and community organizations so that the project reaches beyond the architecture community to penetrate the imagination of New York City residents."

Throughout the year, SubSeries hosted 12 charrettes, or in-depth conversations focused on re-imagining the public space of subway stations, which resulted in visual documentation of these visions. SubSeries presented these work-in-progress sketches at the Festival of Ideas for the New City earlier this month. Next year, SubSeries is invited to display its exhibition in both Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai. These exhibitions will act as catalysts for two additional unsolicited design series about the public space and urban infrastructure within each of these cities.

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