SeeClickFix Turns Clients into Comedians

We know at first glance Issue #94891- Manholes sticking out of the road, is no laughing matter. However, SeeClickFix government client Raleigh, NC gave us a pretty good laugh while delivering a timely response to the citizen reporter. The issue description read:

When heading Eastbound on Morgan, if you are in the middle lane and traveling through Person St there are two manholes side by side protruding from the ground.It will give you a pretty good jolt as I have accidentally hit send many times on my Blackberry while texting through that intersection.

While SeeClickFix users were quick to point out the issue with this issue, the City of Raleigh officially (and hilariously) acknowledged both.

Shortly after the issue was acknowledged, the issue was closed out along with another friendly reminder to Raleigh residents (and everyone, really!).

Thank you to the City of Raleigh for demonstrating how governmental transparency helps promote both civic engagement and a good sense of humor!