Fall in Love with Reporting Issues

As you've been improving your surroundings by reporting community issues to SeeClickFix, you may have noticed yourself checking out some changes on our main site! Launched last week, our slick new reporting form makes it simpler than ever for our users to See, Click and Fix problems in their neighborhood. What makes SeeClickFix convinced you'll love our new reporting form? Glad you asked!

It has Beauty AND Brains
New features mean aesthetically pleasing, accurate reporting

Aside from being ridiculously good looking, our new reporting form is pretty darn smart. Know the physical address of your issue? Can you pinpoint your problem on a map? Or perhaps a combination of both will help you locate what you want to report?

Selecting "Updating map and form automatically" in the top left corner of step 1 ensures both the map and the reporting form will be working together to precisely locate your issue.

What if you're reporting an issue in a park or public place without a defined street address? No sweat! Just uncheck the "Updating map and form automatically" box, drop the pin where your issue is located, and enter an approximate address in the form. Below is an example of how to report an issue in a park. By dropping the pin where my issue is located and entering an approximate street address, I'm ready to move on to step 2!

It Isn't Afraid of Commitment
Locking in your location ensures you'll commit to the right category

Once you've mapped your issue location, it will be locked in as you proceed to step 2, to ensure that the service categories you can select from are appropriate for your location. However, you can always go back to update your address or map marker (or both!) if need be by clicking "Change" in the top right corner of the map.

It Gives you Your Space
Report anonymously, even when you're logged in.

If you're logged in, but wish to report an issue anonymously to SeeClickFix, simply click "Report as Another User" at the bottom of step 2 and enter the display name and email address you wish to use. Change your mind? That's okay! Hit "Report as Logged in User" to report under your account.

Ready to fall in love with SeeClickFix all over again? Get to know our new reporting form by reporting an issue today! Start a report from your community's issue page, or hit the quick report button (right) to start from any page on our site. Once you're done, be sure to let us know what you think! Share your feedback as a comment here, email it to us, or tweet it @seeclickfix.