Growing the Team. Building The Neighborhood.

In the last few months you may have noticed some new team members at SCF. We wanted to give a belated welcome and a huge thank you to Jeff Mooney, Megan Dalton, Emma Richards and Greta Hotop. I'll be following up with individual posts on each of them in the coming weeks but we wanted to start by highlighting the community management and partner development team as a whole as we're truly impressed with their ability to strengthen and grow the SCF neighborhood. We also wanted to offer a big thank you to Amanda Smyth from Fairfield University and Thomas Gaudett from Harvard University who are interning with us this Summer and providing support to the team while learning about working at a rapidly scaling start-up.

The new team has been busy with new media partners, existing media partners, new and old SideClicks on 6 continents and signing on the host of new governments to SCF Plus. Also, as the default frontman for SCF its been really exciting to see that role distributed to Megan who recently did an Ignite presentation at Sparkcamp, Emma who spoke in Barcelona at Barcelona Digital Congress and Jeff who has spoken at City Camp Raleigh and MCitizen in DC. Its a great feeling as a founder to be able to trust that our initial vision is being represented equally passionately through the evangelism of early employees.

As a last note I also wanted to acknowledge the hard work that some of the team members have been putting into improving our own community here in New Haven and surrounding areas. Emma and Greta haven been helping to fix an SCF issue that I raised a few years ago and soon Megan, Tom, Amanda, Kam and I will be assisting as well. Through a tree planting initiative with the Urban Resources Initiative in New Haven the team has and will be planting trees under the Humphrey Street Overpass so that it becomes equally an Underpass. It is important to us that team members at SCF not only talk about fixing communities but also get their hands dirty and do some fixing themselves. Read more about the trees being planted here:

Community Manager Emma Richards and SCF Super User David Streever Fixing up the neighborhood

A huge welcome and thank you to the new team members helping communities around the world help themselves.