And the Winner is…

From June 13 through June 24, Omidyar Network and OATV went head-to-head to see which organization could report the most issues in just two weeks---while simultaneously improving their communities. It was an action-packed 2 weeks for both our teams. Issues were reported, problems were acknowledged, concerns were closed and neighborhoods were improved thanks to the hard work of Team Omidyar and Team OATV.

The results are in and we're happy to announce the winner of the inaugural SeeClickFix Venture Capitalist Battle Royale. The new reigning champions of active citizenship...
Team OATV!

In two weeks, Team OATV reported 22 issues, 6 of which were closed and 10 of which were acknowledged by San Francisco 311. Through reporting issues, commenting on their neighbors concerns, and creating a public watch area in the Bay Area, OATV racked up a whopping total of 880 Civic Points, launching the team to Municipal Avenger status!

Civic Crusader Team Omidyar reported a total of 15 issues, with 10 issues closed and 4 issues acknowledged. The team helped to improve their community while earning an impressive 500 Civic Points during the 2 week challenge.

The SeeClickFix team would like to give special recognition (aka mad props) to Team Omidyar reporter KLM. Having reported the most issues of any other participant, we're happy to award KLM the title of official SeeClickFix VC Battle Royale MVP.

Thank you to both teams for your hard work and commitment to your communities. Although the challenge is over, we hope both teams continue SeeClickFixin' issues and improvements around the Bay Area and beyond!