Case Closed for a Low Hanging Cable

Citizens waiting at a bus stop in Charlotte, NC weren't alone in needing a lift recently. After seeing an electrical cable hanging dangerously low near the corner of Cedar and Trade, a concerned WBTV News 3 viewer reported the problem through a SeeClickFix map widget on our media partner's site. Citizen reporter Dan M. wrote:

Why has a power line been allowed to droop dangerously low at Cedar and Trade? This has been in this condition for more than a week!!! A 5 foot tall lady at the bus stop could easily grab it.
Before: A Cable Close Call

WBTV Morning Anchor Christie Nelson was alerted as soon as the issue was reported and immedietly began contacting numerous city agencies to see who could fix the problem. After a few phone calls, the Charlotte DOT was notified and quickly dispatched a crew to fix the drooping line. Wednesday afternoon, WBTV learned that the cable was gone and the problem was solved!

After: Out of Reach Thanks to WBTV!

SeeClickFix is thankful for our media partners who help to continually broadcast community issues that need to be addressed. Pedestrian Carl Campbell, interviewed by WBTV, sums up our feelings pretty perfectly...

"I am glad WBTV is out here Channel 3. I look at your news and I'm glad you're out here trying to do something for us,"

We're glad too!