Everybody Get On The Bus!

Guest post by Kevin Donohue, Superstar SeeClickFix Intern

All New Haveners should cheer Megabus' recent announcement that it will start providing service between New Haven and Boston. A new, cost-effective option for public transportation is good news for anyone looking to save a few bucks while also helping to save the planet. Plus, the free tickets that Megabus is giving away seem like a great way to head to Beantown to enjoy some chowdah without the hassle of pahking the cah.

We here at SeeClickFix are humbly patting ourselves on the back for giving voice to the many New Haven citizens who wanted more public transportation options through Issue #7425: Bolt Bus Should Run from New Haven to New York. Since being posted roughly two years ago, there has been extensive conversation going on among local residents about the need for more bus routes to pass through New Haven.

In fact, this issue--which was started by our own Ben Berkowitz--was cited in a Board of Alderman resolution calling on BoltBus to provide service between New Haven and New York. City official Crissy Bonanno contributed to the issue comments and stated:

The City of New Haven is committed to getting Bolt Bus to add us to their route. Working with area partners that share this goal, we are sending the company extensive demographic and marketing materials to show that New Haven would be a profitable addition to their business. We are asking the company to check out this ticket at SeeClickFix to gauge community interest--so keep the posts and links coming!

When last contacted about the possibility of expanding to New Haven, BoltBus indicated that it had no immediate plans because of the weak economy. Hopefully, Megabus' addition of New Haven will be successful, demonstrating the viability of bus travel to and from New Haven. At any rate, it's very rewarding to see that after years of clamoring for more bus lines through SeeClickFix, New Haven community members are being heard.

See you on the bus!