TGIF(ixed): Client Edition

Happy Friday, SeeClickFixers! In this weeks edition of TGIF(ixed), we're celebrating the end of the work week by highlighting the hard work of our government clients. So without further ado...

Swampscott, MA
One of our newest government clients, Swampscott closed their first SeeClickFix issue this week! With some tree trimming and wood removal, the town Department of Public Works closed out Issue #115264 - Tree Trimming. Congrats to Swampscott on what is sure to be the first of many closed issues in their community!

Raleigh, NC

Not only did the City of Raleigh do an awesome job of acknowledging this issue and communicating with their citizens, they went above and beyond to close it out! Issue #114719 - Drainage - was reported 8 days ago to address a storm drain that was clogged by weeds. Even though the drain was found to be on private property, Raleigh Public Works got out there to clean the drain and close the issue.

College Station, TX

Confusing road markings in College Station were corrected this week thanks to an observant citizen reporter and a superstar government client. SeeClickFixer I.R. reported Issue #111302 - Road marking doesn't show straight direction - 25 days ago. College Station quickly acknowledged the issue and let their citizens know that they assigned a contractor to address the problem by the first week of August.
What better way to say TGIF than with an early fix?

Hartford, CT

Issue #98728 - Walk light out at bus stop crosswalk - was reported in Downtown Hartford, CT 3 months ago. This week, a SeeClickFix user closed the issue after seeing the fix when safely crossing the street! Hartford gives us yet another great example of how everyone wins when local governments partner with SeeClickFix to address the concerns of their citizens!

That does it for TGIF(ixed) this week! As always, a huge thanks to SeeClickFix clients and users for improving their communities, one click at a time. Next week, if you find yourself saying "TGIF" before Friday rolls around, let us know! Send us your newly closed issue in an email, or tweet it to us @seeclickfix to see it here next week on the SeeClickFix blog!