A Community Taking Root


Back in early May, we told you about the Communities Take Root contest and its mission to revitalize public spaces nationwide by providing neighborhoods with their very own fruit orchards. Well, it looks like one fruit orchard will be taking root right here in the Elm City!

According to the New Haven Independent, the Friends of Edgewood Park won the new fruit orchard for its namesake after mustering over 30,000 votes during the competition. Sponsored by Edy's Fruit Bars and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, the grant will provide 44 new fruit trees in the 123-acre park, "returning a vital resource to one of the city's true treasures." From growing fresh, nutritious fruit to improving air and water quality, this orchard can provide a healthier and more vibrant community for all New Haven citizens.

An organizer of the effort, Jessica Feinlab said "We will either plant the trees this Fall or next spring based on volunteer interest and getting a water source to the site"(tentative planting around Labor Day). Even better? The city agreed to match the award by planting the same number of fruit trees across the city!

We're honored the Friends of Edgewood Park used SeeClickFix (Issue #95410 - Vote for a Fruit Trees Orchard in Edgewood Park!) to help raise awareness about its participation in this delicious competition. The SeeClickFix team looks forward to getting its hands dirty in the coming weeks!