BHAM Goes The Terminal

"Think of it as a digital 311 system." At least, that's how our newest media partner, The Terminal, described SeeClickFix after recently embedding our nifty widget on its website.

Launched in 2007, The Terminal is a web publication focused on disseminating information in and about Birmingham and surrounding areas. With the old Birmingham Terminal Station as its namesake, The Terminal has become a modern and virtual social hub of its own. Thanks to managing editor (and friend!) André Natta, SeeClickFix will now be adding to this public dialogue in BHAM. André nicely summarizes how his fellow citizens (and media outlets) can take advantage of our tool:

Non-emergencies reported via the widget embedded on our site or via any of the mobile apps available are shared directly with City Hall's 311 Call Center [...] The more folks using the service, the more effective it can be. Video and photo submissions are also accepted. Selfishly, it also provides an opportunity for local media outlets to get an idea of what's going on out there (though nothing really replaces face-to-face – or just getting out there – but it helps).

With SeeClickFix widgets, media outlets can be kept informed about issues directly impacting the communities they serve in real-time. By allowing residents to report issues directly through its site, The Terminal can connect with its audience over these shared concerns and even lead to resolution along the way. Like André said, it's time to SeeClickFix Birmingham!