TGIF(ixed): Fast, friendly and fixed in #NHV

It's probably no surprise that the SeeClickFix team loves seeing people collaborate to fix issues. Whether it's neighbors coming together to clean up their block, or citizens working with their local government to find a solution that works for everyone, we just can't get enough! But what about when different agencies within one municipality collaborate for a fix? A graffiti report submitted yesterday by our very own Ben Berkowitz proved to be a great example of how inter-agency accountability can lead to fast (and friendly) fixes!

Issue #118590 - Graffiti - was reported by Ben on his way to SeeClickFix world HQ on Thursday morning. The two tags painted on a bus shelter in the SoHu neighborhood of New Haven were promptly acknowledged by the Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking. While TTP notified the Sign Division about the graffiti, the Town Green District Clean Team had also received a report of the graffiti and set out to take care of it ASAP!

The transparency of our platform allowed two of our clients to quickly and easily communicate about this problem, as well as acknowledge, fix, and close out this issue without hours of it being reported. Upon seeing the exchange between TTP and Win from the Town Green District, Ben summed things up pretty perfectly:

The Town Green District and their lightening fast Clean Team were the first SeeClickFix client ever. The secret to their speed? In addition to receiving alerts about new issues reported throughout New Haven, the team scours our site and arms themselves with print outs of new graffiti reports such as the one below before heading out each day!

A Clean Team member with his SCF print out, taken this morning.

A super huge thanks to the New Haven Town Green District, as well as to the Department of Traffic, Transportation and Parking for supplying us with such an awesome TGIF(ixed) issue this week!

UPDATE: In our excitement to tell you all about our featured fix of the week, we forgot to mention that the graffiti issue above was one of TWO issues the Clean Team took care of in record time on Thursday! Issue #118568 - Graffiti - is closed! Impressive? TOTALLY!