Saratoga Springs Considers SeeClickFix Committee

By Jacob Apkon, Superstar SeeClickFix Intern

After seeing an increase in issues reported on SeeClickFix, Saratoga Springs' Public Safety Commissioner Richard Wirth now wants to establish a committee to address public traffic concerns, consisting of community members, engineers, and public safety representatives (for example, police officers). That way, Wirth and company can better address SeeClickFix issues raised by Saratoga Springs citizens.

Already a SeeClickFix media partner, the Saratogian regularly reports SeeClickFix issues submitted by citizens to the city and, oftentimes, the city official contacted is Wirth. With the establishment of this committee, Wirth hopes he can get rid of this middle step. The committee would check SeeClickFix directly instead of going through the Saratogian. As Wirth states:

It might be beneficial to have their concerns and inquiries forwarded directly to the commissioner of public safety. There is such an influx of these concerns and we want to look into each one because these apply not only to the city, but also to the county and the state because they can involve their roads.

Reported over a year ago and still receiving SeeClickFix activity, Issue #31661-Intersection of Ballston Ave. and Lincoln Ave involves a traffic light request at an intersection one SeeClickFix user felt was unsafe.

Despite receiving 862 views and 49 votes, this issue still persists according to resident--and SeeClickFix user--Nancy Muldoon. Hopefully, Wirth's new committee will be able to address and close this traffic concern on SeeClickFix (and others like it!)