From Frustrating to Fixed – Let's Smarten Up the Road

Cars running a stop sign in Brooklyn, New York. Congestion on a bridge in Portland, Oregon. A deep pothole in Chicago, Illinois. These are three of thousands of issues that have been reported by SeeClickFix users frustrated with the state of our roads. Whether driving on the highway in Washington, DC or riding along a Boston bike lane, it's clear that our users are giving roads failing grades from coast to coast. With this in mind, SeeClickFix is on a mission with Audi of America to smarten up our roads.

This partnership is part of a larger initiative called The Road Frustration Index (RFI). Developed by Audi and the SENSEable City lab at M.I.T, the RFI aims to quantify the many factors that lead to driver frustration - such as traffic, incidents, weather and driver sentiment. Data collected through the RFI will be used to help give motorists a better sense of the driving conditions they face each day in American metropolitan areas.

Not all roads are created equal, and for those frustrated drivers who want to know what city streets are better or worse off than their own will find the Road Frustration Index to be a handy tool. The RFI allows drivers to see exactly how their city streets stack up compared to roads in other metropolitan areas. Whether you want to compare traffic in Los Angeles and New York City, or size up driver sentiment in Sacramento versus Houston, the RFIs interactive tools make it easy to examine the frustrations drivers around America face on the road every day.

Audi and the SENSEable City lab at M.I.T use real-time data from sources such as, Twitter and NAVTEQ to help drivers navigate roads across the country, without having to step foot into a car. The total RFI score for a city can change throughout the course of a day is determined by quantifying incoming data about road conditions.

After you've checked out the RFI score for your city you may be asking "what's next?". This is where SeeClickFix comes in. SeeClickFix believes our partnership with Audi will help empower more people to advocate for their city streets to be fixed. Drivers can publicly report problems they see on-the-go*, helping to transform roads in their community from frustrating to fixed.

Check out the Road Frustration Index and be sure to let us know how your city stacks up. Want to help your hometown earn the bragging rights of being the least frustrating place to drive? Improve the RFI score by reporting that nasty pothole or congested stretch of road to SeeClickFix and help us smarten up the road!

*We love our mobile apps, but do not report on-the-go while driving! Driving and operating a phone is not only frustrating, it's dangerous.