TGIF(ixed): Let there be light!

Happy Friday, SeeClickFixers! With the seasons changing and our daylight hours dwindling, TGIF(ixed) this week is focused on fixes that have helped shed some light on city streets this week. From burnt-out street lights to broken traffic signals, these newly closed issues have SeeClickFix users saying TGIF(ixed), just in time for the dark winter months.

Although we just announced our partnership with Marshall, Michigan yesterday, the city has been hard at work fixing issues before we shared the good news! On Tuesday, the Marshall Electric Department repaired not one, not two, but three broken streetlights reported to SeeClickFix, one of which had been out since July!

An impossibly short green light in the Annex neighborhood of New Haven was causing serious traffic down a major road. Tired of the bumper-to-bumper conditions caused by the short light, Jean McAulay reported Issue #125326 through the SeeClickFix widget on the New Haven Register website. She wrote:

The green light on Rt. 1, Forbes Avenue, at the intersection of Wheeler street is only on for 15 seconds, causing backups every morning and evening rush hour. In the evening traffic is backed up all the way to the bridge because of this light. This is the only light that stays on for such a short time all the way to Woodward Avenue, and there is never any cross traffic at the light so there is no reason for the green light to be so short when so much traffic backs up!

The Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking quickly responded to let Jean know that the traffic signal was state controlled. Shortly after, another commenter said that she had passed the complaint along to CT DOT. Friday morning, Jean closed the issue and shared with SeeClickFixers that the traffic light had been fixed!

What better way to start (or end) Friday (or any day, really) than by closing a fixed issue on SeeClickFix? We're not sure either.