Report Collection Issue Or Request Recycling Bucket With Your Smartphone

Beginning in December, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) is expanding the options available to residents, businesses and visitors alike for requesting services and reporting non-emergency problems.

SeeClickFix allows citizens to report and monitor non-emergency issues, such as a missed recycling pick up. Launched in 2008, SeeClickFix empowers citizens, community groups, media organizations and governments to work together and improve their neighborhoods.

Through the SeeClickFix website and a variety of smartphone apps, the SeeClickFix platform is the most widely distributed citizen reporting tool in the country. The platform is not only fun and easy to use, it also promotes improved communication between citizens and their local governments.

"With this expansive and public platform, residents can directly communicate concerns to the ACUA and more actively participate in resolving issues," said Rick Dovey, ACUA president. "Through this system, we are improving the way we address customer service issues," Dovey added.

When submitting issues via mobile app, residents have the ability to provide a detailed description, use their smartphone GPS to accurately locate, and even attach a photo of the issue. A service request is generated and updates on the case are sent automatically to the community about the service request's progress. With a few clicks, the problem can be on its way to resolution.

SeeClickFix also allows residents to view, comment on, vote to fix and even share on social media, the service requests. They can even create their own "watch areas" to receive notifications about all issues reported in their community, enabling them to follow the progress of all service requests'not just the ones they report.

"SeeClickFix provides a social platform for exchanging information and engaging individuals," said Dovey. "From Atlantic City to Hammonton and from Port Republic to Corbin City, citizens can become empowered to connect with each other and the ACUA over problems that affect them in very direct ways," Dovey noted.

Look for SeeClickFix on ACUA's website and Facebook page in mid-December. Download the mobile apps here.