Lend A Shovel With SnowCrew

Last year in Jamaica Plain, Neighbors for Neighbors launched its inaugural SnowCrew where it dispatched neighbors on 'shoveling missions' to dig out fellow neighbors needing assistance. This year, SnowCrew will be working with SeeClickFix on a new solution that will directly connect those who need help with those nearby who can and want to help. It will take trial and error to work out the kinks and they need your feedback to help make the tool better. To do so, please join the SnowCrew group.

Luckily, SnowCrew has already seen some positive results after last weekend's snowy conditions. Six days ago, one resident Marcia needed help shoveling on and around her car according to Issue 152118 - Please clear off car and shovel behind and in front and a path from the driver's side door. Within a few hours, another resident John cleared the snow and closed the issue on SeeClickFix. Marcia's response nicely highlights the importance of initiatives like SnowCrew:

We love seeing how individuals harness our technology to make change in their communities and look forward to seeing how SnowCrew connects neighbors in Boston this winter!