New Community Manager Introduction

Hey everyone,

My name is Kevin Donohue; I'm going to be the new Community Manager here at SeeClickFix. I'm very excited to join the team, and to build on the great work of Emma and Megan, SeeClickFix's previous Community Managers, who will now be focusing on working with our Media and Government partners.

Before coming to SeeClickFix, I spent some time volunteering overseas, working on a political campaign, and serving as a Campus Minister at a university. These experiences have exposed me to a variety of different communities, and helped me to develop some skills that I think will be useful to the burgeoning community of SeeClickFix users.

We at SeeClickFix have a lot of great things going for us these days, but this vibrant community of citizens working together to improve their cities, towns, and neighborhoods is definitely our most valuable resource. Therefore, my most important responsibility in this role will be to support the work that you are all doing to bring attention to the local issues that matter to you.

I look forward to partnering with you in this effort. Please feel free to reach out to me at with any thoughts you have about the ways I can serve you most effectively, or just to say hello.

Power to the Community,